ProCoach™ nutrition coaching

"Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life" —Precision Nutrition™

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“I provide gold standard nutrition coaching, powered by world-famous and leading nutrition gurus, Precision Nutrition™.”

What if, instead of fad diets, quick fixes and constantly being disappointed with the lack of results, you could embark on a self-developmental journey towards a sustainable, healthier life, that was fun, enjoyable and actually produced lasting results?

I understand how hard it is to go through the constant cycle of emotional eating, fluctuating weight and an ever-deteriorating level of self-esteem.

This is why so many of us look for the quickest fix or the latest celebrity diet, which normally leaves us worse off than when we started. The psychological damage of this can – and usually does – take us right back to the emotional eating that started off the cycle in the first place. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

ProCoach™ has been used to transform the lives of thousands of people, just like you.
As your coach, I’ll be there by your side, celebrating every win with you and supporting you through the tougher times. Through habit-based coaching, with daily lessons and tasks, you will gain the tools necessary to continue leading a healthy lifestyle long after you complete the programme.

With ProCoach™ we can change
your life, forever.

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How it works

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1. 📱

Book your free consultation

This is where we’ll discuss your goals, assess your current fitness level and select the perfect plan for you. In this session we’ll get a chance to get to know each other. You can see what it will be like to work with me, while I can gather the information I need to create a truly bespoke experience for you. This is where our journey together begins!

2. 👩‍💻

Set up your accounts

You’ll then be emailed a link to set up your profile on ProCoach™, where you’ll be guided to fill out your intake form so that your experience is as personalised as possible. You’ll then be given some introductory material showing you exactly how everything works. If you’ve selected either the Advanced or Pro package, you can activate your Trainerize™ account and download the app.

3. 👟

Start the journey

Once you’re all set up you’ll have easy access to your workouts, wherever you are, whenever you need them. Now it’s time to get moving on your new, bespoke programme. Starting off at the right level for you, you’ll learn the basics first. This will ensure safe, effective and pain-free exercise that gets you the results you want; combining seamlessly with your nutrition coaching.

4. 💪🏻

See the results

Now that you’ve got the basics down, your programme will be tailored much more towards your goals. I’ll continuously monitor your progress and adjust your programme where necessary, to ensure that you’re performing the optimal movements to help you succeed in your goals. At this point you’ll be well on your way to becoming a fitness and nutrition ninja!

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Features & benefits

What you can expect from the programme

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Expertly designed, monthly, progressive workouts that are suited to your preferences.

Progress tracking at your finger tips, to keep you motivated.

A simple platform to log your workouts, to ensure progressive overload.

Exercise tutorial videos & descriptive instructions, so you know you're doing it right.

Join the private Facebook group to become part of our growing community.

Full guidance & support, from me, your coach; including monthly video call check-ins.

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from £40per month
  • ProCoach™ nutrition coaching
  • Personalised quick-start guide
  • Ongoing 1-to-1 support
  • Sample meal plan
  • Progress tracking
from £72per month
  • Everything in the basic package, plus:
  • Bespoke, progressive workout programming
  • Full access to complete video tutorial library
  • Free use of Trainerize™ app
  • Monthly video/phone review
from £96per month
  • Everything in the advanced package, plus:
  • Personalised kcal & macro guide
  • Weekly food diary review

Not sure which package is right for you or want something more bespoke?

Book a free consultation

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About Lola

My passion comes from seeing people grow, whether that’s mentally or physically

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Instead of telling you why you should work with me, I want to tell you the reasons why I want to work with you. Yes, I’m a personal fitness trainer; however I believe that physical fitness is never just that. It’s a route to physical health, mental wellness and increased happiness. So if I can help you achieve those things, well that’s a pretty damn fulfilling job to have.

“I want to provide you with the tools to continue
living a healthy life forever.”

This means that we can work together, refining and developing your skills, confidence and technique, to not only gain results, but also to discover a love for what you’re doing; then be able to continue doing these things for the rest of your life, long after our time together is complete.

Level 4 Advanced Personal trainer
Level 2 Gym instructor
Exercise Referral for Health Management
Level 4 Low Back Pain Specialist
Advanced Resistance Training
Nutrition & Weight Management
Behaviour Change Coaching
Exercise for Fat Loss
Suspension Training
Functional Training
Core Training
Circuit Training
Complete Kettlebell Training
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification
BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science

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Aiske Ederer

Aiske Ederer


Lola definitely was a game changer for me! I booked in for a consultation and while we were talking, I could not help but getting excited for our first session. Lola made me focus on myself and what I was doing. When I now go to the gym, alone, I do not have time to think about others, because I am too focused on myself and doing the exercises properly and I even have fun (which I never had before during any kind of sport). She taught me much more than just how to do the exercises right. I am more than happy I hired her and that I can always rely on her and that I can ask her any question I have, no matter what.

Mat Cornish

Mat Cornish

Cage fighter-in-training

I recently finished my 12 week program with Lola that she tailored to my needs of an MMA background she proved to me the importance of correct rest and heart rate as well as helped me improve my cardio and overall strength and fitness. I would definitely recommend her to anyone… Thanks again Lola.

Sidonie East

Sidonie East


Lola is an amazing trainer. She is so knowledgeable, motivational, kind and funny. I love training with her and she continues to help me on my fitness journey.

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Landlady of The New Inn

I started my training with Lola along with a friend. It was a good way to introduce my body back into exercising as it had been a while! We started off with circuit training and running. Lola is a very patient and motivational personal trainer and after a few weeks I actually enjoyed going for a run, which is something I never thought I would say.

Claire Marsh

Claire Marsh

Part of the Kent Police Force

Great! Loving every minute of it! Definitely feeling the burn!

Izzy Ash

Izzy Ash

Asset Based Lending Executive

Lola has helped me gain back my confidence I lost when I started feeling uncomfortable about my weight. She is very understanding and knew exactly what I was looking for in a PT and built my workouts around that. For my first experience at having at PT, she was definitely the right choice, making working out enjoyable but while also seeing the results that I wanted to see.

Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson

Landlord of The New Inn

Lola is a first class trainer with a natural talent to get the best out of you. I used Lola when she was living in the UK. Her bespoke workout and training review was excellent as it focused on what i wanted to achieve. Her extra knowledge was helpful as she able to leave me with a concise, correct and above all rewarding exercise plan. I have really missed our sessions since she moved, but am now looking at starting an online training programme. This is an excellent addition to the service that Lola offers. In conclusion, Lola is an excellent trainer and she has a natural talent and always brings bags of positivity along with her.

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