GUEST POST: Why Cold Showers Rock!

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Today we have another guest post for you, from personal trainer & fitness blogger over at Krush Fitness, Preston Pilgrim.

Why go in for cold showers?

Hot showers might be soothing, particularly when the temperature is cold outside. But, if research is to be believed, there is nothing like a cold shower.

Cold showers have immense health benefits, improving on your overall wellbeing. Here’s a list of 15 benefits of cold showers, which will take you to have one right away.

1. Enhanced Strong Will Power

Plunging into the cold shower can be difficult, and hence when you achieve it, it builds a high willpower in you, improving on your mental strength. You would be able to do a whole lot more in your life as well, and the habit of bathing in cold water can help you up your productivity levels significantly

2. Improved Emotional Flexibility

Cold showers help your nervous system to act more flexibly to different stress issues. It helps you to be calm and cool, and hence think straight too.

3. Reduced Stress

Take a cold shower and your uric acid levels reduce while increasing your Glutathione in the blood. The result is reduced stress, and hence enabling you to be more effective to adapt to various stress situations.

4. Increased Wakefulness

Cold shower in the morning improves your oxygen intake and hence your rate of breathing. It will make you breathe deeply thus making you more alert, overcoming your daytime sleepiness too.

5. Improved Skin and Hair

Cold showers prevent the loss of natural oils from your hair and skin. Thus, it benefits the quality of your hair and skin, and makes you look good too.

6. Stimulated Weight Loss

When you take a cold shower, your energy levels get boosted. You burn calories, which keep your body warm too, resulting in effective weight loss. Cold showers are a great way help burn some extra calories during the day!

Take note that this is not a quick fix to lose weight, but another option you can use in your arsenal to help stimulate weight loss. At the end of the day, weight loss still comes down to proper nutrition, diet and exercise, which can be enhanced with cold showers!

7. Increased Levels of Testosterone

Increased heat can readily reduce the testosterone levels in males. Try out cold showers to keep your testes cooler and hence increase the levels of testosterone too.

8. Enhanced Fertility

Cold showers also boost your levels of sperm count in the body and hence enhance fertility. Hot showers, on the other hand, proves to be a good male contraceptive, but can affect your sperm count badly too.

9. Improved Circulation

Blood circulation is significantly improved with cold showers. When you take a cold shower, it helps your blood to rightly flow through your organs thus keeping your circulation as well as the cardiovascular system functioning well and healthy.

10. Improved Immunity

Your body needs good immunity levels to fight diseases. However, with a lifestyle that supports otherwise, it can be a bit difficult to be healthy.

White blood cells that fight diseases in your body, tend to increase with cold showers. Thus, your immune system becomes stronger. It also helps you more to adapt to oxidative stress.

11. Help in Draining Your Lymphatic System

Cold showers help to keep your lymphatic system unblocked, helping to drain wastes from your body cells more effectively, and hence also preventing your body from various common diseases.

12. Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Cold showers can do wonders for your muscle recovery too. Taking a cold shower improves the circulation in the muscles along with the elimination of lactic acid. Alternative hot and cold showers are actually best for this purpose.

13. Relief from Depression

If you’re experiencing depression in any form, just take a cold shower. An anti-depressive effect occurs from the mild electroshock that you get from a cold shower. It also enables noradrenaline in the nervous system that overcomes depression.

It is one attitude that can tide us over all challenges when all supports of blood relation, marriage or professional standing have collapsed. It is called Self- respect. Lack of self- respect stems from low self- esteem, which gets further eroded by sense of shame. Stop being overtly self- critical and accept self as you are, accepting one completely without leaving anything out. Often, it all starts from having a cold shower in the morning.

14. Help in Waking You Up

If you’re unable to wake up or get over that drowsiness early in the morning, a nice cold shower will help you. It will effectively boost your morning energy, and get you ready for the day.

The human mind is one of the most misunderstood, and if one can connect with this on a conscious level and cope with the unlimited possibilities, all the secrets of life would be unveiled. We all have the capacity to connect or tune in with the Universal mind.

15. And Also Help You to Sleep Well

Also, when you want to get a good night’s sleep, it’s a cold shower that can get you one. A night shower in the cold waters completely relaxes your mind and body and helps you have a sound sleep.

How to Take a Cold Shower?

It may not be easy to take that plunge in the cold showers, particularly if you are not in the habit. So, just take it up slowly. Think you are experimenting. Most importantly, motivate yourself to have cold showers.

For your motivation, of course, the above 15 benefits should be quite enough. When you commit a good health to yourself, you get your own ways to make it happen too.

If you find this article interesting feel free to follow me on on my website at Krush Fitness and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have with fitness, losing weight and personal training!

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