GUEST POST: What To Consider When Buying Sportswear Pieces

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Today we have another guest post, this time from Jae Rustia, owner of the January Gemorie blog (Facebook page here), enjoy 🙂

What to Consider When Buying Sportswear Pieces

Maybe it’s the coming of summer or the fact that you lose your breath every time you climb a flight of stairs, whatever it is that has led you to start your workout journey, starting it on the right note is a good way of sticking to it for a long time to come.

Sportswear is one way of ensuring this. Finding the perfect workout clothes for you is especially important because if you don’t like what you are wearing or they’re not comfortable enough, you will have less motivation to go to the gym or to attend that yoga class after a long day at work.

There are a number of things to consider when buying sportswear and the following are 5 things to keep in mind.


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You will be washing your workout clothes every time you perform exercise, so take the time to research what you are buying and always go for quality rather than quantity. Go for breathable fabrics and look for sportswear that has been created with the help of technology to handle all that sweat.


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The sportswear industry has grown substantially over the last decade and within it, sustainable sportswear brands have emerged — ones that produce high quality sportswear that is ethically made. If sustainable fashion is important for you when choosing your everyday fashion pieces, then go for the same niche for your sportswear. There are some incredible ethical brands out there!


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Some people tend to disassociate their everyday style with their active wear — going radically different in their style choices when it comes to choosing their sportswear because they lean on what they come across first. This kind of thinking can discourage you from exercising however, if the clothes you invested in are not of your taste. When buying sportswear, stick to the same colour palette of your everyday style. If you love your black, then go all out head-to-toe black and if you love prints then find some bold patterned pieces so you can feel excited and want to hit the gym.


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When you lead a busy lifestyle and you barely have time to change your clothes to work-out or you find it difficult to carry a bag full of clothes every day to the office, then you might consider investing in sportswear that you can style for work. Subtle, tonal colour leggings, tank tops with a touch of print and even bomber jackets can be styled for the office and they will look great with the rest of your active wear pieces.


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The single most important thing when it comes to sportswear, comfort is essential when choosing your workout clothes. Make sure you invest in pieces that you can move in effortlessly. You need trousers or leggings that you can stretch in and tops that allow you to move without having to fix yourself with every position. You need a sports bra that is right for your shape and trainers that are the right style for the shape of your foot.

These are some of the things to consider when buying sportswear. What do you look for when buying sportswear pieces? Share your thoughts below!


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